Statute Of Limitations Exceptions And Your Personal Injury Claim


Being the victim of another's negligence can result in devastating injuries, sometimes causing damages that result in a permanent disability. If you have been injured or become ill and failed to file a claim for damages in a timely manner, you should know that it might not be too late. Even though every state has a statute of limitations rule in place for personal injury cases, there are several major exceptions.

31 December 2015

Two Reasons Why You Need A Social Security Disability Attorney


If you're applying for disability, you may think it is as simple as submitting your application with supporting documents and getting approved.  However, the reality of the situation may not be as cut-and-dried, since approximately 70% of applicants are denied the first time.  That's why it is so important to have a social security disability attorney on your side.  Learning more about the benefits of working with one of these legal professionals can help you determine if you need their assistance with your case.

17 December 2015

Denied An Apartment Based On Race: What An Attorney Can Do


Did you qualify for an apartment and get denied simply because you are Hispanic? It might be in your best interest to hire a Hispanic attorney to find out if you can open a discrimination case. Discover below what a Hispanic attorney can do to help you get justice for being wrongfully denied an apartment that you qualified for. What Can an Attorney Do for a Victim of Race Discrimination?

9 December 2015

How Can Your Car's Computer System Be Hijacked And Cause An Intentional Accident?


As society becomes more dependent upon their computer systems, fears arise over the security of the public utilities and banking systems. However, if terrorists and other miscreants want to cause widespread disruption and fear among the general public, they need to look no further than the millions of autos on the road each day in the United States.  How can a car's computer system be used to cause an accident?

20 November 2015

2 New Texas Laws That Bikers Need To Know About


Motorcycle laws can vary dramatically from state to state, so if you're a biker that likes to travel to motorcycle rallies and events throughout the country, it's important to keep up with the changing laws in any state that you may be traveling two or through. Failing to obey the local laws can be costly – not only could you wind up with a ticket, but in the event of an accident, failure to obey the traffic laws could damages your chances of a successful lawsuit.

11 November 2015

Don't Shoot Down Your Neighbor's Drone! Call An Attorney Instead.


What can you do if your neighbor has put a camera on a drone and is flying it over your property to take a peek at what you're doing? Is there anything you can do to stop the invasion of your privacy? Since it's estimated that 7,500 drones could be flying the skies by 2018, this could become a serious issue. First of all, don't shoot. No matter how you feel about the situation, don't resort to shooting at a drone that's flying overhead, even if you're sure that it is on your property.

28 October 2015

Understanding The Importance Of An Expert Witness To Your Personal Injury Case


One of the things that can make or break a personal injury case is the presence of expert witnesses. Without one, the case can turn into their word versus yours. Here's what you should know about expert witnesses. Not Your Typical Kind of Witness An expert witness isn't like one of the witnesses that saw your accident. Those types of witnesses are important to your case as well, but you will still need an expert.

16 October 2015

The Process of a Slip & Fall Lawsuit after Hiring a Lawyer


Did you hurt your back or obtain another injury due to a slip and fall in a supermarket? If you are undergoing treatment that is expected to last for an extended amount of time, it is wise for you to file a lawsuit so you won't get into a financial bind from paying medical bills. Find out below what a lawyer can do for a slip-and-fall lawsuit and how much you can expect to be charged for the services.

2 October 2015

Victim Of A Road Rage Assault: What A Lawyer Can Do To Help


Did you get into a brawl due to a case of road rage that left you getting treated for an injury? You can sue your attacker with the help of a personal injury lawyer, as you shouldn't be stuck with your own medical bills for the injury. Find out below what a lawyer can do to get you paid and how much his or her legal fees might be. How Can a Lawyer Assist the Victim of a Road Rage Attack?

21 September 2015

3 Tips For A Successful Mediation


If you're involved in a lawsuit, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. This can be a stressful time for most people and is sure to be one that you wish to end as quickly as possible. One of the fastest ways to help you be done with the legal action is by settling your case at mediation. Knowing specific tips that can aid you in success during this time are sure to be beneficial to you.

14 September 2015