The Process of a Slip & Fall Lawsuit after Hiring a Lawyer


Did you hurt your back or obtain another injury due to a slip and fall in a supermarket? If you are undergoing treatment that is expected to last for an extended amount of time, it is wise for you to file a lawsuit so you won't get into a financial bind from paying medical bills. Find out below what a lawyer can do for a slip-and-fall lawsuit and how much you can expect to be charged for the services.

What is the Process of a Slip-and-Fall Lawsuit?

The first step to winning your lawsuit is a consultation with a lawyer so he or she can get an idea of what happened on the day of the incident. You must be honest when providing details, as any exaggerations can damage your credibility if the case goes to court. Your honesty can also be helpful when it comes to the lawyer building a strong argument against the defense. You must tell the lawyer if there were any signs posted in the area where you slipped in the supermarket to warn you that the floor was wet.

The next step might consist of the lawyer hiring an investigator to visit the supermarket, but he or she may handle the task without hiring an investigator. Taking a visit to the supermarket will possibly lead to obtaining video surveillance of the incident, but that's only if the staff agrees to hand it over. An investigator can also attempt to locate people that may have witnessed the incident, such as frequent shoppers that may have been there at the time.

Be prepared to give your lawyer a medical record of your back injury being treated, as well as how long recovery is expected to take. When a sufficient amount of evidence is gathered, the owner of the supermarket will be contacted about a mediation session. If mediation works for the owner, you may be able to win a settlement for your suffering, lost wages, and medical bills without going to court.

What Does a Lawyer Charge for a Slip & Fall Case?

Your legal fees will depend on what the lawyer is able to help you win in the lawsuit. He or she usually won't receive any compensation if the case is not won. If you get money, expect to pay the lawyer up to 40% of it for handling your case. Speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as you can about your slip-and-fall incident to get the help you need.


2 October 2015

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