Denied An Apartment Based On Race: What An Attorney Can Do


Did you qualify for an apartment and get denied simply because you are Hispanic? It might be in your best interest to hire a Hispanic attorney to find out if you can open a discrimination case. Discover below what a Hispanic attorney can do to help you get justice for being wrongfully denied an apartment that you qualified for.

What Can an Attorney Do for a Victim of Race Discrimination?

Before determining if you have a race discrimination case, you will have to give details about what transpired during the apartment application process. The key to winning a discrimination lawsuit is proving that the other party actually said or did something, as you can't just assume that your race played a factor in the situation. One type of incident that would give you a strong argument is if the leasing agent made a remark saying that people of your kind don't usually rent apartments there.

After determining that your race discrimination lawsuit is strong enough to push forward, the attorney will begin gathering evidence. He or she will look into the rental history of the apartment complex to see if certain races are denied more than others. The attorney will also try to find other people who have been discriminated against and denied occupancy based on race. The leasing agent that processed your application will be investigated on a personal level in case he or she is the only one that should be sued. If the owner has a history of being discriminatory, you can sue his or her corporation on a larger level (class action lawsuit).

Before taking the lawsuit through the court system, the attorney will attempt trying to get you a settlement out of court. Reaching a settlement out of court can end up with you getting paid faster. The attorney will setup a mediation session with the leasing agent and apartment owner if everyone involved agrees to it.

What is the Cost of Services from an Attorney?

The typical minimum estimated minimum rate charged by an attorney is $50 per hour. You can be charge $500 plus per hour if your case requires an extensive amount of research and investigating, such as more than usual. Your attorney can alternatively opt for charging you a contingency fee, which is likely for a lawsuit that is highly in your favor. Speak to a Hispanic attorney like Irene M Rodriguez PA so you can get justice for race discrimination.


9 December 2015

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