2 New Texas Laws That Bikers Need To Know About


Motorcycle laws can vary dramatically from state to state, so if you're a biker that likes to travel to motorcycle rallies and events throughout the country, it's important to keep up with the changing laws in any state that you may be traveling two or through. Failing to obey the local laws can be costly – not only could you wind up with a ticket, but in the event of an accident, failure to obey the traffic laws could damages your chances of a successful lawsuit. In 2015, Texas added a few new laws that local and visiting bikers should definitely know.

LED Lights

Using lights at night or during a storm when the sky is dark is an important part of motorcycle safety. Sometimes, headlights and taillights just aren't enough. This is true especially when you pull up beside a car. They may able to see your headlights when you're behind them and your taillights when you're in front of them, but when you're beside a car on a dark night, you might not be that visible. This can lead to dangerous side collision accidents.

A new Texas law addresses this concern by making it legal for motorcyclists to put LED lights on their bikes so that they'll be more visible at night. There are some restrictions: you can only use white or amber colored lights, and they can't blink or flash, as this may distract other drivers. Still, given that almost one in four motorcycle accidents happens after dark, between 9 PM and 6 AM, this law has the potential to make the night safer for many motorcyclists.

Passenger Protection

The other notable Texas law involving motorcycles is intended to protect passengers riding on the back of a bike. The new law requires that motorcycles carrying a passenger have hand bars that the backseat passenger can hang onto. This law is known as Malorie's law, named for a Texas A&M student who died in a motorcycle accident in 2010. The supporters of the new law argue that Malorie might have survived the crash had she been able to hold onto something.

Many bikers won't need to do anything extra to comply with this law, as handholds come standard on most cruisers. However, if you have a customized bike, you may want to make sure that your bike is compliant with the law before riding through Texas. If you get stopped driving a bike with no handholds while carrying a passenger, you could be fined as much as $500.

Following the local motorcycle laws can help keep you safer on the road, but it's not foolproof. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, contact an attorney who is experienced with motorcycle accident law to find out what your rights are and what compensation you're entitled to. Consider contacting the professionals at Scherline And Associates.


11 November 2015

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