How Can Your Car's Computer System Be Hijacked And Cause An Intentional Accident?


As society becomes more dependent upon their computer systems, fears arise over the security of the public utilities and banking systems. However, if terrorists and other miscreants want to cause widespread disruption and fear among the general public, they need to look no further than the millions of autos on the road each day in the United States. 

How can a car's computer system be used to cause an accident?

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is a computer processor that lowers emissions by controlling various functions related to engine performance. Even if this processor can be compromised singularly, it can be used to cause rapid and uncontrollable acceleration, which could lead to a serious accident.

This processor is the unit directly under the dashboard, used for state emissions testing. It has an open port that can be filled with a portable drive or a wireless device in a few seconds, allowing the processor to be infected with malware or controlled from outside the vehicle with a wireless device.

This is only one of a car's computer processors that can be compromised. Most newer vehicles have computer processors that control functions such as braking, steering, airbags, and door locks. However, many of these individual systems are not as easily accessible for tampering, and require physical access to manipulate their software.

Luxury vehicles are even more vulnerable to attack than other less expensive models, not only because of the additional number of computer systems installed but also because of their increasing connectivity and interdependence. As computer systems in vehicles are linked together to improve function and safety, they are also more vulnerable to widespread infection. 

Corruption of one component can then lead to access to multiple safety systems. A driver could suddenly face a situation where their vehicle accelerates or brakes suddenly, steering becomes uncontrollable, airbags deploy, and the keyless entry system activates all door locks.

Terrorists or other individuals with malicious intent could embed themselves in auto repair facilities or other businesses with access to vehicles. Because repair facilities often require access to manufacturer's software, it can be analyzed, and malware developed and installed.

This will lead to significant lawsuits and damages as plaintiffs seek compensation from manufacturers for installing computer systems that are vulnerable to hacking in their vehicles. It will also lead to a new niche market for car accident lawyers (such as those from Palmetto Injury Lawyers), who must become familiar with technological sabotage of vehicles by both individuals with a grudge and groups with malicious intent, and find tech experts that can support their claims in court.


20 November 2015

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