What To Do If You Are Bitten and Injured By a Dog


Even when your dog has never harmed anyone before, there might be a time when your dog bites and injures someone. In the reverse, you or your dog could be bitten by another animal while visiting the home of a friend. When injuries occur, it's important to establish who is liable for the injuries and whether there is a personal injury claim. If your dog does the biting in your home, your homeowner's insurance may cover a claim for a dog bite.

29 November 2019

Avoid Aggressive Drivers & Auto Accidents


Aggressive drivers cause many problems for drivers on the road. When you have an aggressive driver near you, you can feel your own stress levels rise. When you feel stressed out, you may be at higher risk of actually getting into an accident, perhaps with the aggressive driver when the heat escalates. If you want to avoid an auto accident lawsuit, these tips will help you cool down and keep aggression out of your car.

30 August 2019

Know The New Rules Regarding Updated Medical Evidence At Social Security Disability Hearings


When you filed your initial claim and reconsideration for Social Security Disability benefits, the Social Security Administration (SSA) took on the responsibility of tracking down your medical records for review. That changes, however, once you're headed to a hearing with the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). In the past, the SSA only gave claimants a 20-day notice prior to their hearing with the ALJ. That meant that the only feasible way to make sure that the ALJ was able to review your updated medical records was to bring them with you to the hearing itself.

10 July 2019