Avoid Aggressive Drivers & Auto Accidents


Aggressive drivers cause many problems for drivers on the road. When you have an aggressive driver near you, you can feel your own stress levels rise. When you feel stressed out, you may be at higher risk of actually getting into an accident, perhaps with the aggressive driver when the heat escalates. If you want to avoid an auto accident lawsuit, these tips will help you cool down and keep aggression out of your car.

Do Not Escalate the Situation

One of the worst things you can do when you come into contact with an aggressive driver is to escalate the situation until it becomes more dangerous. Do not respond to aggression in kind, as it is not likely to calm down the other driver. Instead, consider the fact that their aggressive driving is not personal. They would behave this way to anybody.

One way you can de-escalate the situation is to listen to calm music or a book on tape during your ride. Do not turn to distractions, like recording with your cell phone, as they may worsen the situation.

Give Yourself Time

One of the best things you can do is leave the house early if you have to be somewhere at a specific time. Traffic delays can stress out even the calmest people. When you have plenty of time, you are less likely to act aggressively to those who did not leave enough time for travel.

Get Out of the Way

If you notice somebody else driving erratically or aggressively, do your best to stay away. Change lanes or slow down to make as much space between you and this other person as possible. And whenever possible, avoid making eye contact or gesturing to the other driver. If you must be near the driver, you may do better to diffuse the situation with a wave or "sorry."

Report Dangerous Drivers

You can prevent an accident caused by an aggressive driver by reporting incidents that appear dangerous on the road. Pull over and use your phone when safe. You can call 911 or another law enforcement number to report the vehicle's license plate, make and model, and a physical description of the driver.

Let's say that these tips do not work and you do get into an accident with an aggressive driver. Your next step should be to call an auto accident attorney, who can help you sort out the next steps.


30 August 2019

Stay Calm and Keep Fighting

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