Committing A DWI Offense For The First Time


Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is one of the most serious mistakes that a driver could make. Unfortunately, when someone is intoxicated, they might not be consciously stable enough to determine if driving is a good idea or not. For example, someone can have a few drinks on a night out and think that they are not too intoxicated to drive home. If you made such a mistake after a night of drinking with friends and were pulled over for reckless driving and being intoxicated, you need to consult with a lawyer without delay.

31 October 2022

How Workers Compensation Lawyer Can Assist You If Your Injuries Prevent You From Working For A Long Period


An injury that occurs at work can affect you in many ways. You'll not only have physical pain to grapple with but also financial and emotional stress. The latter can be challenging to overcome if your condition keeps you out of work for quite some time. The best thing is that whether you have a permanent or temporary condition, a workers compensation attorney can work tirelessly to get you a settlement for your misfortunes.

15 September 2022

Looking at Slip or Trip Accidents and How to Sue the Liable Party


Many people sustain severe injuries after slipping or tripping accidentally. Depending on the affected body part, some are easy to treat, while others may require extensive medical care. In fact, some slip or trip accident victims have to stop working to concentrate on treatment. Such a situation can lead to serious financial strain. Luckily, filing for compensation through the help of a lawyer can reduce the financial burden. However, not all accidents warrant compensation.

15 July 2022

Truck Accident Claims: 3 Defense Strategies The Trucking Company Might Use


Semis are significantly larger and heavier than passenger vehicles. Most of their accidents leave drivers, passengers, and other road users with severe injuries. Luckily, victims injured in crashes caused by a truck driver's negligence have a right to get compensation. Unfortunately, trucking companies often decline responsibility in a bid to evade the financial liability involved. That is why it is advisable to work with a truck accident lawyer after a collision with a semi.

9 May 2022

3 Driving Errors That Cause Fatal Car Crashes


Unfortunately, vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death. For this reason, it is important to know the risks you might encounter on the road as a driver. In other words, you should understand how your actions or the actions of other drivers can lead to a fatal accident. Through the help of a car accident lawyer, you'll get compensated for the injuries of an accident. But, you should avoid getting involved in such a situation by all means possible.

14 March 2022

Personal Injury Lawsuits For Parents


For children, participating in adventurous activities is part of life. This is why so many parents have concerns when they send their children to school, the playground, or a camp. If your child goes to camp or on a trip and becomes injured, you are sure to have a lot of questions. So, what can you do after your child is injured elsewhere? There are several steps you can take to ensure your child is taken care of and that the responsible parties are held liable.

13 January 2022

What Exactly Is No-Fault Insurance For Your Vehicle?


Are you moving to one of the 12 states that have no-fault auto insurance and are not quite sure what that means? If so, it will help to know what makes no-fault auto insurance different from the type of insurance that you've had in the past, and how it works if you are seriously injured in an accident. How Is No-Fault Auto Insurance Different?  One of the problems with car insurance is that getting compensated from an accident can be a long and difficult process.

20 October 2021

The Driver Might Still Be At Fault For Driving A Defective Vehicle


When a vehicle is poorly maintained, it can be much more difficult to operate. For example, if your vehicle has brake pads that have worn out, it may be difficult to slam on the brakes and stop the car in time. If this is the case, a driver might smash into your vehicle and you will then need to determine who is liable for the accident. Liability  When a vehicle is not properly maintained, the liability might rest on an auto repair shop.

13 August 2021

How Can You Be Sure You're Maximizing an Injury Claim?


One of the biggest worries people filing injury claims have is that they might end up receiving too little money. It's an understandable fear, but fortunately, a personal injury lawyer thinks hard about this issue with every case. Here are three ways a personal injury attorney will try to maximize the return that a client gets on a claim. 1. Monitoring Physical Recovery By far the biggest fear a lawyer has with this sort of case is that a client won't obtain enough compensation to address their long-term medical needs.

1 December 2020

3 Key Mistakes To Avoid When Filing An Auto Accident Claim


Auto accidents happen a lot each day, and a lot of times, negligence is at play. If you believe it was and thus want to take the driver that hit you to court, then you'll need to file an auto accident claim. This process can go smoothly if you avoid these costly mistakes.  Not Preparing to Give Insurance Companies an Official Statement Immediately after this auto collision, you'll probably be receiving calls from insurance adjusters trying to get your side of the story.

12 August 2020