What Exactly Is No-Fault Insurance For Your Vehicle?


Are you moving to one of the 12 states that have no-fault auto insurance and are not quite sure what that means? If so, it will help to know what makes no-fault auto insurance different from the type of insurance that you've had in the past, and how it works if you are seriously injured in an accident. How Is No-Fault Auto Insurance Different?  One of the problems with car insurance is that getting compensated from an accident can be a long and difficult process.

20 October 2021

The Driver Might Still Be At Fault For Driving A Defective Vehicle


When a vehicle is poorly maintained, it can be much more difficult to operate. For example, if your vehicle has brake pads that have worn out, it may be difficult to slam on the brakes and stop the car in time. If this is the case, a driver might smash into your vehicle and you will then need to determine who is liable for the accident. Liability  When a vehicle is not properly maintained, the liability might rest on an auto repair shop.

13 August 2021