Looking at Slip or Trip Accidents and How to Sue the Liable Party


Many people sustain severe injuries after slipping or tripping accidentally. Depending on the affected body part, some are easy to treat, while others may require extensive medical care. In fact, some slip or trip accident victims have to stop working to concentrate on treatment. Such a situation can lead to serious financial strain. Luckily, filing for compensation through the help of a lawyer can reduce the financial burden. However, not all accidents warrant compensation. Take a look at slip or trip accidents covered by insurance. 

Poor Lights in Dark Areas

Anyone in charge of a commercial or private facility has an obligation to install adequate lighting in all dark areas around the building. Doing so gives workers and visitors a clear view when walking inside and outside the building. Unfortunately, some property owners ignore lighting in a bid to cut down overhead costs. Because of this, guests and employees have a poor view of the walkways and stairs, which could make them slip or trip. If this is the case, contact a slip and fall lawyer to help you pursue justice for your injuries. They can thoroughly analyze your case to unearth the liable party in this situation. After that, they will file a claim against them and seek a settlement to cover your losses.  

Uneven Floors

Building contractors should ensure that floors are on the same level before handing the building to the premise owner. On the other hand, managers of commercial buildings should maintain their floors in good shape. Additionally, they should inspect mats and carpets to ensure they are in good condition and don't have bent corners. Failure to take these measures exposes people to fall or slip hazards. When this happens, you have the right to file a claim against the negligent individual or organization. Through evidence collection, your personal injury law attorney can demonstrate that your injuries resulted from the unevenness of the floor or torn carpet. 

Walkway Hazards

Walkway hazards like potholes in a parking lot, cracks in a sidewalk, or plant debris on walkways can cause slip and fall accidents in buildings. Therefore, private and public building owners should ensure that their walkways are in good condition and clear of trash that can cause people to trip or slip when walking. So if you stumble due to a neglected walkway, you can institute charges against the wrongdoer's negligent actions.   

An accident resulting from the issues discussed above warrants compensation. So hire a personal injury lawyer and start the legal process of seeking justice immediately.


15 July 2022

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