Truck Accident Claims: 3 Defense Strategies The Trucking Company Might Use


Semis are significantly larger and heavier than passenger vehicles. Most of their accidents leave drivers, passengers, and other road users with severe injuries. Luckily, victims injured in crashes caused by a truck driver's negligence have a right to get compensation. Unfortunately, trucking companies often decline responsibility in a bid to evade the financial liability involved. That is why it is advisable to work with a truck accident lawyer after a collision with a semi. They will help you fight the following issues so as to get justice.

Insufficient Evidence Linking the Driver to the Collision

The trucking firm knows that the judge will award you a payment depending on the evidence you present. Therefore, one of the strategies they'll use against you is to demonstrate that your evidence is unreliable. In this case, your lawyer must provide compelling evidence to show the at-fault driver's negligence. 

Typically, your attorney will investigate the case thoroughly and create a collection of evidence to present in court. This information can reveal whether the driver was overspeeding, tired, or intoxicated during the collision. They will then present the evidence in court to prove that the truck driver is to blame for your injuries and damages.

You're Partly to Blame for the Accident

A verdict that the truck driver is culpable could cost their employer a lot of money in compensation. Therefore, the trucking company might argue that you played a part in the accident to reduce their fault and deny you compensation. 

Your legal advisor can help you fight this allegation by providing evidence that shows you had nothing to do with the accident. For example, they can use video evidence from cameras around the accident scene to demonstrate that you were driving carefully. Witnesses who saw what happened can also explain what the truck accident driver did wrong.

A Third Party Is to Blame for the Accident

Truck drivers and their companies often take the biggest blame after a collision. However, other factors may have contributed to the accident. For example, the truck might have developed a mechanical problem due to a manufacturing error. Besides, there might have been an issue on the road, making it hard for the truck driver to avoid the accident. In each of these cases, your lawyer needs to get accident investigators to unearth the primary cause of the accident. After that, they will hold all the responsible parties accountable for your pain and suffering. 

The trucking company will try to defend its driver after you file a truck accident claim against them. However, a truck accident lawyer can help you fight the company's arguments. They will provide evidence to support your claim and make sure that you receive your rightful compensation.


9 May 2022

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