Identifying And Handling Hidden Injuries Caused By Auto Accidents


Driving is a daily part of life that people use to get back and forth to work, school, and running errands. It is a complex activity that requires your full attention and ability to react within a split second when something goes wrong. Unfortunately, there are many factors that often contribute to vehicular accidents, many of which can cause injury or even death. However, some injuries creep up hours or even days after an accident.

If you recently found yourself involved in a car accident, there are some hidden injuries that can affect you. Should you suspect the presence of a hidden injury at any point, it is best to seek medical attention and speak with an auto accident attorney.

Back Pain – Possible Herniated Disc

Take into consideration that even the most careful driver is at risk of an auto accident. There are approximately 218 million drivers in the U.S. with almost 265 million registered vehicles. With so many people sharing the road, accidents are bound to happen. If you are unfortunate enough to experience a roadway accident, you could be at risk of back injuries, such as a herniated disc.

After an accident, you might not feel any pain. At least, not right away. If there is no pain present, you might think you escaped the ordeal unscathed. Now, here you are just a day or so later and there is an ache forming in your back. Excessive strain and injury are often the leading cause of a herniated disc, which can include an auto accident.

Symptoms associated with a herniated disc vary. Some people may experience lower back pain. If the disc is not applying pressure to a nerve, you may experience no back pain. However, if left untreated, a herniated disc can get worse, cause pain, and even leave you with permanent damage. Have your back checked immediately for injury and report any injuries to an attorney.

Shoulder Pain – Possible Torn Rotator Cuff

Another common injury associated with an accident is shoulder pain. A seat belt offers protection in a car accident, but the pressure applied by the belt against your shoulder in an accident can cause injuries. A torn rotator cuff can occur as a result of the seatbelt holding your shoulder back as your body jerks forward in a vehicular accident.

The initial shock of your accident may numb the pain of injuries you sustained. As the shock begins to wear off, you may notice parts of your body that feel stiff and sore, including your shoulder. Many people with a torn rotator cuff report intense pain that disrupts their sleep. Signs of a torn rotator cuff typically include limited movement, an inability to lift your arm very high, and a reduction in muscle strength.

At the first sign of shoulder pain, you will need to visit a physician. A physician can run an X-ray or scan on your shoulder to detect the presence of a torn rotator cuff. Make sure you ask for documentation of your injuries. Present your documentation to an auto injury lawyer. A qualified lawyer can review your documents and assist you in recovering medical expenses.

Dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident can seem confusing. You are often upset, and possibly in pain. Rather than trying to handle the legal details of an accident, allow a qualified attorney to do it for you. An attorney can handle the legal process for you and work to recover expenses related to injuries, vehicular damages, and more.

Make sure you have your paperwork in order so you can present it to the attorney. It is best to have a copy of the accident report and any medical paperwork documenting injuries or pain caused by the accident.


30 October 2018

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When you get into a serious car accident, things can become complicated quickly. In addition to worrying about other lawyers and problems with your vehicle, you might also be left with serious injuries that keep you from enjoying your life. On top of everything else, you might be left with a huge stack of medical bills, and it can be hard to know what to do next. I want you to understand that there is hope, which is why this blog is all about hiring an attorney. By using this advice, you might be able to streamline your case and enjoy a larger settlement.