Think Your Loved One Is Being Abused At A Nursing Facility? What You Need To Do


When you place your loved one under the care of a nursing facility, you should have complete confidence they will be well taken care of. But for some people, the opposite is true. Nursing home abuse is an all-too-common and serious concern many people face. If you suspect your loved one is being abused, there are important steps you need to take.

Gather Information

When you have evidence to support your claim, you have a major advantage. Provided your loved one isn't facing life-threatening injuries, gather evidence before notifying staff so that you don't give them time to cover up any errors.

Take out your smart phone and capture pictures of any physical abuse signs, such as a welt or burn. Take pictures of the condition of their room, such as an unkempt room or damaged equipment. If there is a cleaning log that shows their room has not been cleaned as required, you can also take a picture of this.

Inform The Authorities

The next step is to inform an administrator at the facility in the form of an email or letter so that you can keep a record. Even if the administrator promises to take swift action, you still need to inform the local authorities. In many areas this will be the Department of health and senior services. Within this communication, you can include any evidence you have collected.

It's important to understand that it is not your legal responsibility to prove anything but instead the legal responsibility of the facility administrators and local authorities to investigate your claim. Additionally, even if their investigation determines no abuse has taken place, you still have a legal right to take your claim to court.

Speak With An Attorney

If there is evidence or suspicion that your loved one has been abused, it's best to speak with an attorney. Some people are under the impression that only significant incidents of abuse require legal representation, but the reality is that any form of abuse is unacceptable.

If your loved one or their family suffered any level of pain and suffering because of the negligence of the nursing facility, the facility must be held accountable for their actions. A personal injury attorney can help you accomplish this goal.

It's important to understand that you don't need evidence of abuse to proceed. Even if you just have a suspicion that abuse is taking place, you have a legal right to move forward with your concerns. Remember, you are your loved one's advocate, so make certain you are keeping their protection at the forefront of your mind.


16 May 2016

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