3 Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents Today


Many people enjoy heading out on the open road and riding their motorcycle. As fun as it is, you also have to exercise caution to make sure you are safe and secure when riding. Even though you do everything you can on your end, you cannot control what everyone else is going to do. Motorcycle accidents happen more often than you might think. In the event you were injured in an accident, you need to make sure you seek help from an attorney and a licensed medical practitioner. Check out some of the common ways motorcycle accidents occur below.

A car changes lanes in front of the motorcyclist.

Oftentimes, cars don't pay attention to motorcyclists behind them. They get in a hurry to go from one place to another and end up cutting through lanes without regard to what might be around them. While a car might be able to respond better when a vehicle cuts them off, that isn't the same for motorcycles. They need space to be able to stop or change lanes. These vessels are all about balance. Trying to hurry up and swerve to avoid that car could cause them to skid out of control and end up seriously injured.

A vehicle hits the motorcyclist from behind.

Motorcyclists are often minding their own business and driving down the road following all the rules when a vehicle ends up running into them from behind. Whether it be that the vehicle was following too close or simply wanted to hurry up and rush on by, there is no way for the motorcyclist to be able to avoid this particular accident. If the vehicle clips their tire, they could end up flying off the bike and possibly injured by oncoming traffic.

Stationary vehicles opening their doors.

You might be surprised at how many people go to get out of their vehicle without paying attention to what might be coming down the road. Flinging the car door open without looking could end up seriously injuring a motorcyclist who is driving down the road. There is no way for the driver to be able to stop or get out of the way. They end up getting slammed into the door and flipped over, sustaining serious injuries.

If you were injured in there or any other type of motorcycle accident, take a moment to discuss your claim with a licensed personal injury attorney who can help make sure you get the compensation you deserve.


10 February 2016

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