Injured At A Crosswalk By A Delivery Truck? Contact A Truck Accident Lawyer


If a delivery truck driver strikes you as you cross the road in a designated crosswalk, contact a truck accident lawyer for help. The driver may be negligent and responsible for your injuries. Crosswalks are designed to protect pedestrians as they cross from one side of the street to another. However, some drivers refuse to yield to the signs or speed up to cross in front of pedestrians anyway. The careless driving tactics can lead to dangerous situations and injuries for pedestrians. Here's what you need to know about your particular case and what an attorney may do to help you win it.

Who Had the Right of Way?

Almost all cities and states in the United States have electronic control devices that give you a certain amount of time to cross safely in traffic. The controllers may use signals, lights or words to tell pedestrians and drivers when it's safe to cross the street and when it's not. But a number of negligent drivers make illegal turns in front of pedestrians when they clearly have the right of way, which places everyone at risk for a tragic accident. 

If the delivery truck driver who struck you ignored the electronic control device's warnings and entered the crosswalk, an attorney needs to prove it in your case. But it may be difficult if the delivery truck driver says that the electronic device indicated that they had the right to turn on the day of the accident. The driver may say that you ignored the device's warnings not to cross the street and placed you and them in harm's way.

To combat the problems above, a truck accident lawyer may need to investigate the accident scene.

How Can an Attorney Help?

One of the things a lawyer may do is examine any camera footage produced on the day of your accident. A number cities now install traffic cameras around busy streets to catch speeding drivers or record accidents. The footage should contain the date and time of the accident, as well as the position of both parties before, after and during the accident.

If possible, an attorney may use forensics to examine the electronic devices placed near the accident scene. Forensic technology may be able to zoom in on the devices and reveal whether or not they gave you or the driver the right of way that day. If the camera footage and forensic evidence show that the delivery truck driver was negligent in your accident, a lawyer can move forward with your case by presenting it to the driver's insurance company for compensation.

If the insurer refuses to compensate you for your injuries, an attorney can take your case to personal injury court and request compensation. An attorney can discuss how they plan to pursue your case in a private and professional meeting.

For more details about your case, contact a trucking accident lawyer today.   


26 January 2016

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