3 Things That Could Ruin Your Personal Injury Claim


No one ever expects to be injured in an auto or workplace accident. They just happen. Oftentimes, when you least expect them to. Being injured takes a lot out of a person. You end up having to deal with the insurance company to try and recover your damages and your doctor to come up with a treatment plan to overcome your injuries. It seems like one thing after another. Because of all the chaos and stress, many people end up making mistakes that jeopardize their settlement and cause them to lose out. To make sure you get what you deserve, here are three things you don't want to do.

Ignore the advice of your doctor.

Many people end up foregoing what their doctor says because they might feel fine. They think they can put off going to physical therapy. However, that could end up having serious repercussions when it comes to getting a personal injury settlement. Not going to appointments shows the insurance company that your injuries aren't that bad. It also says that you don't care about recovering. Make sure you go to each appointment, even if you might be feeling better.

Give a statement to the insurance company when on medication.

Many times the insurance company will try to get you to give them a statement of what happened to cause the accident. If they attempt to get a statement from you when on medication, there is no telling what you are going to end up saying. It's hard to think clearly when you are on serious painkillers. Make sure you avoid speaking with the insurance company unless your lawyer is present and you aren't on any pain medication. You need to remember what you told them.

Take the first settlement amount offered.

While you might be in a financial crisis right now with not being able to work and do the things you normally would, you want to refrain from taking the first settlement amount thrown your way. Allow your lawyer to go to work negotiating on your behalf to make sure you get everything you are entitled to receive.

By not making one of the crucial mistakes above, you can make sure you receive the settlement amount you deserve. Before doing anything and making any critical moves, make sure to discuss your concerns with your personal injury attorney. They can help walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you might have. 


14 January 2016

Stay Calm and Keep Fighting

When you get into a serious car accident, things can become complicated quickly. In addition to worrying about other lawyers and problems with your vehicle, you might also be left with serious injuries that keep you from enjoying your life. On top of everything else, you might be left with a huge stack of medical bills, and it can be hard to know what to do next. I want you to understand that there is hope, which is why this blog is all about hiring an attorney. By using this advice, you might be able to streamline your case and enjoy a larger settlement.