3 Reasons To Hire An Expert Medical Witness For A Wrongful Death Lawsuit


When a loved one dies after or during a routine medical procedure, you may wonder if the doctor or staff did something wrong. If so, you could sue them for wrongful death, but it will take proving two things: negligence and correlation between the negligence and death. To do this, your personal injury attorney might suggest hiring a medical expert witness. Here are three reasons this could be helpful in your case.

It May Be The Only Way To Get Proof

If you suspect negligence or malpractice and believe it led to the death of your family member, you cannot simply sue a person because you feel this way. You will need hard facts and evidence in order to bring a lawsuit against the hospital, doctor, or staff, and the only way you may be able to get this is by hiring a medical expert witness.

You Will Get An Expert Analysis

Second, the reason you will get the proof you need is because an expert medical witness understands medicine, the body, and the way problems occur during procedures. When you hire an expert medical witness, he or she will thoroughly gather and analyze the evidence from the situation. This will include looking into:

  • The person's medical history
  • The doctor and staff's reputation and history
  • The procedure that was completed
  • The notes from the procedure

From this information and any other details available, the expert witness will determine if negligence was present.

The Results Will Be Stated In Court

If there is enough evidence to prove fault, you can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible party. Once this occurs, the responsible party may try to settle the case outside of court. If this is not possible, the lawsuit will end up in the courtroom, and the expert witness you hired will be present with you. The expert medical witness will:

  • State his or her opinion about the incident
  • Provide reasoning and proof of why he or she feels this way
  • Often use models or visual aids to illustrate what went wrong

The medical witness will be under oath during this time and must state the truth about what he or she discovered during the investigation.

Hiring a medical witness is common in medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuits. If you are suspicious about a loved one's death and feel that malpractice was present, you should hire a personal injury attorney and discuss whether to hire a medical expert witness.

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11 September 2015

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