Tips For Winning Your Car Accident Lawsuit


When you are the victim of a car accident, there are many things that you can do to increase your chances of recovering your damages through the civil court system, such as:

Politely Request a Police Report at the Scene of the Accident

Since many cities and towns struggle to keep enough law enforcement officers on the streets these days, you might be surprised when you call to report a traffic accident and are told that no one can respond to the scene. There are many times when the police officers will only respond if someone was obviously injured during the accident and is requesting an ambulance to go to the hospital.

While you should never exaggerate the events at the scene of a crime, you should ask politely if you can please have an officer come to the scene to take a report. If your request is denied, then you should consult with a car accident attorney, such as Stapleton Law Offices, as soon as possible in order to file your own report of the accident in case you need to sue at a later date.

Gather Contact Information for All Witnesses at the Accident Scene

Sometimes the smallest detail is what will help your automobile accident lawyer win your case in court. For this reason, you should collect the names, addresses, and phone numbers for all witnesses at the scene of your automobile accident. This is especially important in the case where a police officer will not respond to the scene and you are required to file your own report at a later date. Rather than have a he-said-she-said situation in court, your attorney will be able to present witnesses who are impartial third parties to the accident.

Mitigate Your Damages from the Accident

While you can file a lawsuit to recover your medical bills for injuries sustained in the accident, you are required to attend all of your medical appointments. If your doctor suggests that you go to physical therapy for your injuries, then you need to attend all of those appointments as well. This action is called "mitigating damages" and the law expects you to perform reasonable tasks to help recover successfully from your accident.

Hire an Attorney that Specializes in Car Accident Cases

Finally, when you are involved in an automobile accident, you should hire an attorney who specializes in this area of law. Car accident lawyers are well versed in the laws that are applicable to your case and know how to best help you recover your damages.


7 September 2015

Stay Calm and Keep Fighting

When you get into a serious car accident, things can become complicated quickly. In addition to worrying about other lawyers and problems with your vehicle, you might also be left with serious injuries that keep you from enjoying your life. On top of everything else, you might be left with a huge stack of medical bills, and it can be hard to know what to do next. I want you to understand that there is hope, which is why this blog is all about hiring an attorney. By using this advice, you might be able to streamline your case and enjoy a larger settlement.