So, Your Car Got Hacked Into And Caused A Collision – Who Can You Sue?


With all the buzz surrounding the hack of the Jeep Cherokee, you may be wondering whether or not your vehicle can be hacked. If it can be, you may be curious as to what you would do if your vehicle got hacked into and then was involved in a collision. Could you sue? If so, who would you sue? Who would be liable for the injuries and damages sustained in a car accident like this? Read on to learn the answers to all of those burning questions.

You May Be Liable.

Ultimately, liability in a vehicle collision is going to start with you, the driver of the vehicle. You will need to provide sufficient proof that shows beyond a reasonable doubt that your vehicle was definitely hacked by someone outside of the vehicle. You will also need to show evidence that suggests you took reasonable measures to keep your vehicle from being hacked into. For example, Fiat Chrysler recalled over one million vehicles due to the risk of remote manipulation. If your vehicle was recalled and you intentionally failed to follow the steps for repair, then you may be held at least partially liable.

The Hacker Could Be Responsible.

The hacker could face criminal liability if found guilty of causing the accident. In addition to criminal charges, they may be at risk of a civil lawsuit from you. Accessing a secure computer or network, such as the computer system of a vehicle, is often considered a crime. If this crime results in an accident, especially one that causes injuries or fatalities, the hacker could be charged with serious offenses, such as reckless endangerment. You could also sue the hacker for intentional tort or recklessness. However, in order to pursue criminal or civil liability, you will first have to locate the hacker and prove that it was him or her who hacked into your vehicle and caused the accident, which could prove to be difficult.

The Vehicle Manufacturers May Be Held Accountable.

The makers and manufacturers of the vehicle that was hacked into may also be held responsible for an accident, especially if you can prove that they should have known or did know that their cars had the vulnerability to be hacked into. For example, if Fiat Chrysler would not have issued a recall immediately after learning of the vulnerability, they could be possibly be on the hook for the injuries and damages related to the accident. Makers and manufacturers of vehicles are expected to keep consumers safe from any potential product-related hazards and when they fail to do abide by this, they can be named as defendants in a personal injury and product liability lawsuit.

If you have reason to believe that your vehicle was hacked and you were then involved in an accident, you may want to speak to contact a personal injury and auto accident attorney law firm at your very earliest convenience. 


28 August 2015

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